The Conquerors recently competed in the annual NIAC Tournament, hosted by FLBC in the new Student Life Center. The tournament experience on the FLBC campus was a big success, with the FLBC women advancing to the semi-finals, and the FLBC men losing a very tight game in overtime on opening night. The crowd and the atmosphere in the building was electric throughout the weekend. Next up for the Conquerors includes traveling to Joplin, MO to participate in the ACCA National Tournament. Competing against teams from all over the United States, both teams will play multiple games throughout the week. Beginning on Tuesday, March 1, the event runs through Friday, March 4. The tournament is always a wonderful way to conclude the basketball season for another year. Both teams enjoy the competition as well as the fellowship and memories made while “on the road” together. Conquerors fans are welcome to attend any or all of the tournament games in Joplin, MO. Check out the FLBC Athletics website at for more details as well as daily updates from the ACCA tournament.

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